Bundling - DTx Case Management

Class-leading software for

Case Preparation & Court Bundling

We’ve teamed up with specialist partners HyperLaw to bring class-leading ‘Case Preparation’ functionality to your DTx Case Management System. With just a click of a button within your DTx account, you can be instantly connected to a wide range of sophisticated digital tools to help you organise and review your case files, search and annotate your documents, build a detailed legal argument and produce court compliant bundles, all using the latest in Optical Character Recognition technology. Read on to see exactly how integrating Hyperlaw can streamline your workflow, automate laborious manual tasks, help to improve your case success rates and produce compliant bundles in one simple to use tool, whilst moving you to a paperless process.

Hyperlaw and DTx are fully integrated to allow you to open HyperLaw at the click of a button, without needing additional logins or passwords.