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Support & Bugs

Critial and severe system bugs are typically resolved within four hours, with very minor bugs being resolved usually in a few days.

Free Feature Requests

Does your team need bespoke functionality? Contact our team who will capture your teams needs and work to write a detailed specification and we'll build it free, all as part of you user subscription.

Our support team is available 09:00 - 17:30, by phone, email, live chat and MS Teams conference call.

Upon contacting our support team, you will speak to one of our dedicated Client Managers. Your enquiry will be triaged and prioritised according to our industry acknowledged SLA's. Typically we segment requests into the following:

  • Service Request (general enquiry)
  • Bugs
  • Feature Requests

Our support team is 5-star rated on Trust Pilot and we are proud of our teams' versatility to work flexibly to address your needs.

See our Trust Pilot Reviews

Our dedicated team offer free and unlimited training to your users. From initial setup & onboarding through to one-off training for new users.

  • SuperUser - we train your system administrators in the configuration settings of DTx, empowering them to take full control of system functionality and user management
  • Standard User - we train your users in how to quickly and expertly navigate DTx to perform diligent investigations and use the system to its full potential

Training can be conducted over timescales that suit your team's needs, and are typically conducted on MS Teams. We can also conduct face to face sessions. Please enquire about this.

One of our unique offerings is that we commit to offering your team, free ongoing software development. This is designed so that as your team's needs evolve, so can your software.

We even make bespoke changes during the onboarding stages so that if you need a certain piece of functionality, we will build it for you as you join us. 

Our dedicated onboarding client managers will capture these needs, write a specification and submit it to the development team for building. We often turn this workaround in a matter of days!

Learn more about our Onboarding process here

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